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  1. This is not how school works. School is a place to learn about both our passions and those every-day problems. Also, teachers give you lots of different opportunities in the day. Some as simple as deciding to do a form of math on a computer over a different form of math on a sheet, and some can be more complects like for example, choosing classes in college or even just in high school! I am a student in the earlier day, not even in high school and I extremely disagree I am both annoyed and frustrated. does everyone feel like this? like, I do not like school but I learn and remember lots of it. and most of the day I have a smile on my face. Well, that's just in my opinion so, do you I guess.

  2. I feel like I learn more from video games and videos than school (especially Minecraft)
    The only classes I actually like is band and keyboarding

  3. Me: gets bullied by my best friend

    Teacher: doesnt give a shit

    Me: fights back

    Teacher: gets me suspended and the bully gets in zero trouble

  4. 2:12: can you imagine how you would feel if you were told what to do every minute of your life

    Me: well….lemme think…*HMM*…

  5. Life in words
    Baby age:yay!
    Elementary age:I luv it
    Mid age:this is hard
    High age:this is torture!!!
    Graduation age:I'm free!!!
    College & jobs age:I hate my life
    Retirement age:it took 60 years now in free!!!

  6. This means….. If u want to be sumthin then don't follow some one who can teach u. Make your own way of learning and everyone has their own way of learning. I want to be a YouTuber but it's really hard but I know I'm gonna make it sum day.

  7. Im just saying the teachers don't listen to us like if we tell them this they will just brush this off like we didn't say anything…sooo…

  8. Kindergarten 2019: what’s the square root of 9.4747292^*199239 and the dividend of that answer

    Kindergarten 1987: is this a circle or a square ⭕️

  9. In my geometry class there are two teachers who don’t even teach and have said that they don’t understand the subject. Maybe they shouldn’t be subbing for two weeks!!!! Honestly there were four substitutes in that class, and the TWO ENGLISH TEACHERS WHO DON’T UNDERSTAND GEOMETRY DID NOT SHUT UP FOR TWO GOD DAMN WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!! NO WONDER EVERYONE IS FAILING THE CLASS!!!!!!!!

    Thank you for letting me rant

  10. 1. Sleep Deprivation
    2. Sleep Deprivation
    3. Sleep Deprivation
    4. Sleep Deprivation
    5. Sleep Deprivation
    6. Sleep Deprivation
    Also Kurzgesagt? Is that you? lol

  11. 1 ever heard of working on something in a group

    2 in my school we had to plan what we where doing ourselves an plan our homework

    3 you do remenber


    5 yes you can choose how you learn an how much you do it

    6 what in my school we have 7 hours not 5

  12. When you're in class or studying you are forced to memorize many things to pass a test. When you finish taking the test instead of remembering your mind has a feeling of relief and forgets what you "learned" like cleaning cache or useless files on your phone. When you get the test back you either have a little relief or you feel in such a bad way I can't describe it myself.

  13. Kids: do dumb things,screaming,bullying other kids through the breaks

    Techers: do nothing

    Me: ask a question

    Teacher: starts roasting me in front of the class

  14. Me: knows how to survive the wild and what to do

    Parents: oh wow! Did school teach you this?!

    Me: inhales no school didn’t teach shit it only made me dumber I learned this basic crap on Minecraft 😭

  15. ok but why tf do they have to make us wake up in 6 in the morning like we should go to school at lunchtime and go home by 6 or 5 🤦‍♀️

  16. In Elementary School, our 5th grade math teacher would yell at us, throw math books out the window, and we failed if we didn’t understand. We weren’t allowed to ask for help, and Googling the answer would result in a visit to the office. Now I’m in middle school. Our 6th grade math teacher complains all day about how Elementary School teachers “didn’t push us enough”, and as a result, “you don’t know anything.”

    Staying up all night doing homework so we wouldn’t be called a “stupid pig” (that happened, BTW) was “too nice?” My ass.

  17. BRUH " all students learn at a certain paste and if u dont learn as fast as those other students ur considered a failure when all u needed was more time " FELT. THAT.😔🤚🏼

  18. The way the school teaches is a problem. You learn something for 2 weeks take a test about it, pass and everything is completely forgotten within 2 days.

  19. Everyone here completely dissing off school but this video is just pointing out stereotypes that have been fixed. But imagine were you'd be with out school

  20. 6 problems?
    more like

    8172719919282782910833782901837390107273820197369108265482091636390181649200000000000000000000000000 problems with school

  21. Number 2 Is garbage and I'll tell you why. The lack of autonomy is not true because you have to go to school for 6h (just an example) and then you need to plan the rest of the day/s keeping in mind that you need to study 2h per day. When a person goes to work also has to do stuff for 8h (average) and then planning the rest of the day. It is just not free as university, but that is simply because you are not mature enough to understand that you need school. And this lead us to the number 4.

    No room for passion: there is a reason why on average 18yo is the age you can be considered mature enough to do stuff. Same for kids. They are to young to really understand what they want. Simple.

    Number 6 is easy to solve, just a matter of communication between students and teachers (again, you can do that out of school with friends and you can always ask your teacher to change your seat so you can hear better, it is not alchemy, at least not here in Italy)

    I agree with others even though things as history, philosophy, science are not useless just because kids won't need those in the future. These are the basics that you must know and the only problem is that teachers believe that remembering a year (ex: 1914) is better than knowing the actual historical cause – effect (which still useful nowadays). Kids need to understand things, not passively remembering.

    The way you do that is not through exams, but through questions (so you can also improve speech skills). The problem? If you want to do it properly, It takes too much considering how fast is today society going. You can't change the way to see education (over structure) if you don't change the structure (society and economy). We in Italy tried something in our school (an inner policy) in which we tried to do less exams possible for the sake of questions. It was alright, but it was not the utopia you imagine because we lacked of time.

    Another suggestion for the american highschools. Since I love the way you love social inequality, you should start banning the "last year dance" (which a friend of mine told me it is not a stereotype, it is real) if you want to start doing something good and changing to better. "It is a tradition" you may say, well, so Is the education system.

    If you want to change things you need to start using a Marxist dialectic applied more to society than economy, but since your schooling system sucks, as you said, you probably won't understand and will replay in a caveman style "ugh, Marx = Bad". Oh, and btw, I do not live in a communist society (if you even know what communism is), I just read Marx (not through the school philosophy books, but reading Marx's books), understood what he said and concluding by saying that not all he said is garbage (his utopia is XD).

  22. This vid true. I’ve been wondering why we get grades and get judged if schools for us to learn not get judged. Some people aren’t good at things but they still get graded

  23. Albert Einstein was expelled for his rebelliousness didn't Albert rebel because of what his teacher thought him also didn't Albert Einstein believe in GOD sure he believe in GOD of Nazareth and not Jesus but Muslims believe that Jesus was a prophet instead of believing that Jesus was GOD's son (anyway I'm not religious because the bible teaches that all religion is man made and I believe in the bible and GOD and Jesus and the holy spirit the bible just keeps getting stereotyped as a religious book when it is not sure man wrote in the bible but they were invoked by the power of the holy spirit to do so and also GOD and Jesus and the holy spirit are three separate immortal beings)

  24. Me: Is absent alot because of family problems
    Teacher: Gives us a test I was absent for
    Me: Tries but fails
    Teacher: Writes down: "How sad. The big amount of absents are making you fail. Maybe if you came everyday you would've passed"
    Literally every other student: Laughs their asses off

    This is a true thing that happen to me btw

  25. I like school, but there are some subjects that make no sense. Especially history and part of biology about plants. How history facts will change my life? This amount of history facts and facts about plants are useless.

  26. I feel, like I learned more English words from ethernet and videogames, then from school. (Sory, for mistakes I could make, I am from Russia)

  27. I wish we could get this message out to more people ;-; when I’m doing a test, I say “I don’t remember this :P” my teacher says that’s just an excuse, but I really forgot -.-

  28. Student: has talent in something that isn't learned at school and wants to do something with it.
    School: HELL NAH, Here is so much home work you won't even get to sleep! So don't even think about a hobby! And if you fail, you're a failure in life and you won't ever make it in life!

  29. Some kid: Almost starts a fight, eats in class and doesn't care about detention
    Teacher: Stop.
    It was super effective!

  30. Classmates: Cursing in front of the classroom
    Me: Doing my homework for my next period in the back of the classroom
    Teacher: Hey Brandon, I see you in the back of the classroom over there!

  31. Teacher while kids vape : 🙂that's cool
    Teacher when I write an essay of what I learned from this video: detention * true

  32. I've always thought that the education system was fucked in my school for one good reason, you couldn't redeem yourself for what you'd done In the past, well it least it was very hard to. I was a little shit in school and I am man enough to admit that it was my fault but I got a bit of a bad reputation for myself and that meant that every time I tried to turn it around I would get blamed for something I didn't do or if I did something really small (which where all prone to do) the teachers would completely blow it out of proportion and I'd get pissed off and I would be back to square one. I really wish I just never fucked around so badly that I got the reputation in the first place but because of that I left school with two E's, two D's and an F. I left school only 4 months ago (at time of typing) but fuck me do I regret it, but I've started college and it's a fresh start for me which was all I wanted from school.

  33. Me: has a passion for playing trombone and wants to be a major on trombone

    School: you have no skills and you are a failure


  34. Teachers witnessing racism, bullying, religion discrimination or fighting:

    Me when I talk quietly to my friend beside me: EXCUSE ME YOUNG LADY THIS IS NOT THE CAFETERIA.

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