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[♪] What’s up beautiful people?
It is your homegirl Shameless, and I have the beautiful
and talented Jazmine Graza, aka Life By Jazz. She has a channel
here on YouTube you
guys should check out. Info in the description box. And today we’re doing a video
on resume [sighs] facelift — [laughter] to get that job. Resumes are basically all of who
you are on a piece of paper. And that’s challenging to
put across all this on this. Yes. But it’s doable. And I’m here, and I
have five tips for you guys. So the first tip I
have is don’t be basic. Who wants to be basic? And how do you do that? You use active and
engaging words to describe your experience and skill set. So a pro tip that I have
is to use thesaurus.com. I have this rule that I
don’t use the same verb more than twice on a resume. So if you use the
word “manage” twice throw that word
into thesaurus.com, it will give you a
ton of different words that you can use
to replace that word. It mixes things up, and it makes
things more engaging and active. So number two is brag. This is your time to not be
modest and brag about the time you’ve actually
invested into who you are through where you’ve worked and all the skill sets
that you have developed. In other words be shameless. Yes. And my pro tip here is if you have worked
with numbers or money, make sure to show these
quotas that you’ve met, the achievements
that you’ve like put
time into when you’ve worked. Like, this is really important to talk specifically about the
things that you’ve achieved. It’s very true,
because your resume, this piece of paper has to stand
out in a sea of resumes, and — – Yes.
– People are going
to be bragging. So you might as well be
that person who gets noticed. So number three is do you, boo. Like that —
[laughs] be yourself. It’s so important to showcase
your unique skill sets, and the things
that you love to do. So for example, I just applied
and got another bartending job, and in my resume I
spoke about how I love food, and how I write
about food on my blog. So there’s a correlation
between being a foodie and working in a
restaurant as a bartender. And people want to
know, so what better way to present that you are the
right person for the job by expressing that,
like I love food, this is why I should be
the one that gets the job. Totally. So, a pro tip I have for
this one is to download
customized templates to really showcase your
unique style and design through the way
that your resume looks. MAYA: It’s part of
the branding part, and you want your resume
to look cute and snatch. JAZZ: Yeah, and pretty, yeah!
It’s so important. Instead of just like
having a resume made
with Microsoft Office, you can download these
awesome and free templates that make your
resume look so different than everyone else in the pile. -Stand-out.
– Yes. And my second one for this one
is to showcase volunteer work, or any other organizations
that you’re a part of. This really shows
that you have heart, and that you care about things
outside of work and school. MAYA: Agreed.
JAZZ: Yeah. So number four is to get social. If you have a website, or if you have social media,
blogs, and stuff like that you want to include
that in your resume. But what if my
website is all debauchery? [laughter] JAZZ: You want to make sure that all of your social
media accounts are
professional, and so — MAYA: You want to
best represent you. You don’t want to be
that person that regrets all of the
nonsense they put online years ago that
comes back to haunt them when they are trying to
get a professional job — JAZZ: Yes.
MAYA: — in a corporate setting. And my other pro tip
is to get on LinkedIn. JAZZ: LinkedIn.
MAYA: Yes. JAZZ: LinkedIn is huge, I’ve actually gotten job
offers through my LinkedIn. It’s really great
because it’s searchable. MAYA: People
give you references. JAZZ: Yes, people
give you references, and people rely on
references on LinkedIn. So my last tip is to
make sure that each resume is tailor fit to
the job description that you are applying for. And my pro tip here is
to actually use the words, the verbs that are
in the job description
actually in those resumes. – Copy and paste.
– Copy and paste it. And the reason why I say this,
too, is because especially if you are
applying through a website, a lot of websites use algorithms
that are specifically looking for those verbs, and so at that point it
really becomes, you know, a robot game, in a way. Yeah, you’re now being
put into a equation, so. Yes, so it’s really
important to use that. But also it’s
important because whoever
wrote this job description knows what they’re looking for, and if you are
saying that is me, because I know how to use
the words that you’ve written, you know that is a perfect fit. It’s learning how
to speak the language. So if this company is
speaking this language, speak their language. Yes, that is very important. Fun tips! Those were
easy and digestible. The reason why
I brought her in is because she has
such a diverse career. She has done everything from
being a social media manager at a corporate company to
bartending, yoga instructor, like extraordinaire at branding. And at the end of it, having a killer resume is
all about knowing who you are, and how to express
that in a piece of paper. But using these five tips will help you
translate and express that. And sell that so
you can get that job, because we all need that money. I wear a lot of different hats, and I really feel
like the reason why I’ve been able to adjust is because of being
able to brand myself, and using that in your career to have a career
that you really love. Thank you so much. Make
sure you like this video. Make sure you’re subscribed,
and read the description box for a ton of
information, and comment below, and let us know what
job you’re looking for in what field, what career, and what websites
you’re using to find that job. – Yes.
– Sharing is caring. – Thank you so much!
– Thank you. And if you guys want to
watch the next part of this, or now that you’ve got
your resume all together, now for the interview. Yes, the interview. And I have some more
tips on interviewing. – Click on her face.
– On my channel. Woo-hoo! Thank you so much. That’s it. [♪]

100 thoughts on “5 TIPS TO AN AMAZING RESUME”

  1. zipcruiter is a great one as well linkedin like you said. If your in undergrad use internships.org and get business cards ASAP!!! Vistaprint, moo, or staples. #doyou ย  #lovefromtheshamelesscommunity

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    I have a background in journalism and looking for jobs such as an editorial assistant, copywriter or content manager, so I have been stalking sites such as Ed2010, FindSpark, MediaBistro, Indeedย and ZipRecruiter (this is super cool because it gives you updates on everything โ€” whether the employer received, looked at your application, etc.).

    Twitter is also an ahh-maazing way to come across jobs. Use the "hiring" hashtag and edit settings to a location near you.

    Great luck to my fellow job seekers! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  28. One issue with resumes is that companies look at the names on the resume and discriminate. If the name appears to " black" ,etc… in the trash it goes. Real talk. That hurts many of people of color that have a banging resume, great credentials and abilities.ย 
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  29. I found this video to be very useful. I have recently returned from Teaching English in China and I am figuring out what to do next. I have a B.A in Sociology, and I want to broaden my experience to LGBTQ youth; writing/ editing. I have tons of experience with children and some experience within the area of special needs. From Toronto,CA :D. LifebyJazztv you have a new subscriber ๐Ÿ˜€

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