4 ways to land a job you’re not qualified for | Fast Company

4 ways to land a job you’re not qualified for | Fast Company

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(lively music) – [Narrator] The only way to
really move your career forward is to make sure your next job is a couple steps above your current job, and that means seeking out positions you’re not entirely qualified for. It’s difficult to land
one, but it is possible. So here are four ways to stand out when you’re an under qualified applicant. Number one, apply, apply, then re-apply. If you are determined to
make this career leap, then you’re going to spend
a lot of time applying, and you likely won’t hear back on the vast majority of your applications, but do not get discouraged. It is unfortunately
somewhat of a numbers game, so just keep applying. One of the things you can
do however is re-apply. Maybe once a month resubmit
so your resume floats back to the top of the stack. The longer a job post is up, the more willing a company might be to consider under qualified candidates. Number two, lean on your soft skills. At the end of the day, a company can teach you
the technical skills, it’s your people skills
and emotional intelligence that they value more. So it’s critical that you
find a way to demonstrate how seemingly unrelated
roles or skills you possess actually do relate to the job at hand. For example, highlight periods of time where you had to learn quickly, or find creative solutions
with little to no resources. If you don’t have the hard
skills, play up the soft skills. Number three, leverage relationships. This is perhaps the
best way to get noticed, whether you’re qualified or
not, so search your network to see if you know anyone at
all who works at the company, or if your friends know anyone
who works at the company. And then if you do get
in touch with someone, be up front that you are
somewhat under qualified. Tell them about your career goals and how this job fits within those goals. If they see you as a hungry,
smart, teachable person, you may be a better fit for the job than some of the other
more qualified candidates. And in line with that, number
four, don’t lie, be confident. Don’t say you have, for example, five years of experience
if you only have three. Instead lean into those
three years of experience that you do have and be
confident in your ability to bridge the gap. So don’t give up, don’t get discouraged, and trust that it’ll happen if
you just keep plugging away.

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