4 Signs You are Entering the Narcissistic Abuse in Your Relationship

4 Signs You are Entering the Narcissistic Abuse in Your Relationship

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People always suggest you to avoid narcissistic,
but how do you know if you’re actually having a relationship with narcissist? Or, how do you sure that you are not the narcissist? Indeed, narcissists are the biggest problem
of human kind, especially when it comes to relationship. One you enter a deep relationship with a narcissist,
you’ll definitely face the most difficult things to understand in life, it’s hard to
understand how someone who professes to love you can then go on to abuse you. In case of narcissist, it’s pretty common
actually. There are several reminders that you should
note if you ever have a relationship with a narcissist. At least, this will help you from being trapped
in the narcissistic world. And remember, if you get these 4 signs in
your relationship, it’s possible that you actually experiencing a narcissistic abuse
instead of love. #1 – True relationship A true relationship is actually between your
mind and your reality. However, narcissistic are frequently confused
between both aspects. Narcissists often miss a relationship with
“self” and a higher power. They’re fragile on the inside, so they look
for a cure on the outside and flit aimlessly about from one to another gathering up attention
and approval. They use this opportunity to create an image
of themselves as worthy as possible and ultimately to receive applause, approval and validation
from other people. Thus, they actually cannot have a connection
which leads to blurred reality. If there is even no relationship between them,
it is practically difficult to engage with other people. That is why narcissists usually generate hate. In a short notice, you cannot have a relationship
with someone who is wearing a mask, which is the more reason you can’t have a true relationship
with them. #2 – Opportunistic It is fine to take opportunity for the better. However, it is not fine when it means taking
over someone’s pride by humiliating and degrading it. Narcissists use some tactics to take advantage
of other people. Indeed, they will be using other people as
their object for their leap. It is absolutely bad habit, and it usually
makes you feel guilty, wrong, and desperate at the same time. So, the idea of narcissists entering into
some relationships is not the same with our ideas about Love, which is all about one’s
readiness or preparedness, level of responsibility sharing, equality, suitability, fairness,
partnership, and more, at least that is a neuro-typical people think about love. Instead, narcissists are very underhanded,
myopic and opportunistic. For them, you are either a possible source
of positive supply (which they favored and pursued), or you are a negative supply (which
they regarded as incapable and will be passed over). #3 – Impossible to compromise The narcissists are always trying to put you
in a defenseless state, and they always get their way. In any kind of conflict, they only seek winning
the argument. Thus, it ensures them to own the power within
the relationship. Moreover, the partner will not get what they
should. Love becomes a struggle that is rare to obtain. It is like everything you do is useless and
connection or love will never be established with this kind of person. By having a relationship with narcissist,
you don’t get the mutual feelings that come from team work, compromise and reciprocal
love. In any case, love shouldn’t be such a struggle,
but because the narcissist’s always about me and me, the love becomes one sided and
one power struggle, they lack of compromise after another. #4 – No honesty The delusional world that narcissists create
is somewhat well-established. It is due to the fact that they are struggling
to create a world with them as central of attention. Moreover, they also create lies to make people
look bad to others. How can we love someone who lives with lies
every time they say something? Though they may be saying something nice,
it is actually designed to create delusional world which makes other people suffer. Well, those are some of the signs that you’re
experiencing a narcissistic abuse instead of love. So, Really cool information isn’t it? I hope you enjoy this short video, if you
have something on your mind, please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments
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