4 Resume Myths (from Eazl’s worldwide bestselling Career Hacking course)

4 Resume Myths (from Eazl’s worldwide bestselling Career Hacking course)

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Eazl. OK. Quickly four resumé myths. The first resume myth is that your resume is a place for you to tell your life story. That is not the case. The resumé is like a key that is there to open doors for you. The second resume myth is that the resume has to be one page long. This is pretty ridiculous and there’s a lot of argumentation about this but in reality if you have a lot of volunteer experience, work experience, then your resumé will easily go over one page in length and most people are reading your resumé on a computer anyway so page length has no importance at all. I would just tell you that if your résumé gets to be three or four pages long then some people will think that you’re arrogant and that is bad. The third resume a myth is that you have to show constant employment. That is also not the case. Anybody who’s hiring for a position is going to know that job searches can take a long time. The average job search takes about nine months and some job searches last well over a year and that major life events can take you out of the labor market for a while. That’s OK what’s most important is that you need to be able to speak about these gaps in employment when you go into the interview. The fourth resume myth is that non paid work experience doesn’t count. That does count. Volunteerism any kind of civil service internships they can all contribute valuable experiences that you can talk about on your resume.

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