4 Levels of Onion Rings: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

4 Levels of Onion Rings: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

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100 thoughts on “4 Levels of Onion Rings: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious”

  1. For those viewers who correctly noted that beer would make the level 3 recipe not gluten-free, follow Frank's seltzer alternative at 4:38

  2. We have ruined frank. He should not have to say, I am not trying to be fancy. He should be able to be who he is, which is fancy.

  3. I cannot with the expert part making of onion rings cuz onion rings are onion rings just let them be the same simple thing without the extra stuff🙄🙄

  4. Not gonna lie but i would go with level 2 instead. Level 3 just seems like too much and level 2 just seems like the classic style without adding anything. Anyone else feel that way?

  5. Hey my mom would love to be in one of your video I want that to be her birthday wish well two weeks ago was her birthday but I could not get her anything but for her birthday gift she would love to cook in your video she is a level 2 chef if you love to leg her be in the video just let me and ask me want she is cooking because I will know if she is a level 1 or 2 chef on that food

  6. Beth is gonna save America with her cooking 🇺🇸 she’s a white woman that know how! Bring Beth Back!

  7. @1:45 …allows the onion to come to terms with its fate. Puhleez its an onion, not your little sister. 🤣😂😅

  8. Beth's looked the best! And the crunch sounded so good 😍 but I also like the skinny stringy onion rings that Steven made

  9. “And just like I thought, harmonious.” Stephen is the best chef on this show by FAR
    I wish they have a judge to taste their onion rings.

  10. "I'm not gonna get too chefy."

    Yes, let me go get my xanthan gum from my pantry
    “To let the onion come to terms with its fate.” Me going into exam season

  11. Steven: This recipe has been passed down for generations… on the Internet. giggles
    I think we all know that Beth’s onion rings look the best, but Frank’s probably taste the best

  12. Didn't BETH not want to use Buttermilk for fried chicken coz it was wasteful?! Then WTF is she doing now?😞😊

  13. I want Beth's onion rings with the chef's sauce while watching the video of the amateur's first time with newly friend onion rings in the mouth.

  14. Stop calling the first two levels “chefs” they are “cooks” disrespectful to those who are actually chefs.

  15. Watching people using knives always make me nervous…especially when they’re cutting close to their fingers eeeeeeek

  16. Do people really don’t know how to crack an egg without getting shells in it? I have cracked an egg so many times and have never gotten shells in it.

  17. JESUS, who brought the thin lipped terrible actress to the onion ring party. Stick to local insurance commercials in Kansas please.

  18. "You leave the skin on, just so you can keep the nature of the onion intact, for long as long as possible, this allows the onion to kinda come to terms with his fate"😂

  19. The suggestion of youtube is successful in my account. This is the first time of me that I watched the video of this channel. That's a lot of fun , I think I will rate this around 7/10 but I'm shock a little bit with level4 I give 9.5/10. Love you all. Keep do it!!

  20. I swear home cooks do it right cause they probably do it their entire life lmao and parents are 100% usually bosses

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