30 Common Resume Questions and Answers

30 Common Resume Questions and Answers

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  1. Hello, I've been watching your videos and they are very inspiring. I do have a few questions about getting hired when I'm shifting to another career. Like for example myself, I'm actually a graduate of IT course but is currently working on a graphic design firm. I wanted to use my degree but I'm having trouble trying to grasp how I will be transitioning. I hope you can give me an advice.

  2. Im here today to let you know that I graduated in december and had difficulty with interviews and writing my resume. I watched most of your videos to learn and yesterday I got hired! Thank you!

  3. Hi Andy, I took about 11 years off to raise my kids and to get my business degree. I use the reverse chronological format and am presently running my own business but am looking to go back to what I was doing before kids (Admin. Professional). Should I explain the gap on the resume?

  4. Hello, Andy. Great video as always. In your CV videos and template you say to mention core competencies. Does this mean hard skills, anything you had to learn or be taught (and not soft skills). As I'm in the UK the competencies terminology is not commonly used. Also, do you have e any videos or posts on indentifying those competencies. I just wanted to clear this up. Thank you for your videos and your time

  5. Hey Andy! I am revamping my resume to your style, and I think it looks really strong! Getting hung up on one part: the first descriptive words under “Career Profile”. You use Jane Doe’s “Senior Project Manager with ten years of experience…” as your example. I’m shooting for an PR position and most of my experience is managerial. What do I call myself when I haven’t reach a high level identity yet?

  6. Hi, Andrew. You recommend writing a Career Profile but what can I write when I am just a university student who just finished first year undergraduate program and dont really have amy professional work experience? Right now I have summary of qualifications instead, should I bother writing a career profile?

  7. When is the next Resume MasterClass? I'm on your waitlist for next one, but no date information as of yet. I'm one of the many job seekers out there that has paid for a career coach & resume writing and frankly It's not generating results. Ugh I wish I had taken your Bootcamp instead.

  8. Hi, Andrew
    In Switzerland you're obliged to put your image on the top right corner and the work permission type , "Permis de séjour".

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