59 thoughts on “25 Professional Logo Animation Video Intro”

  1. Get Professional logo animations, intros/outros and more from https://animator.levourd.com
    Prices start from a mere 1€ !

  2. I went to use your intro. But you already used hear. Then You tube company copy right me? Sir plz talk me it is copyright or no?

  3. Dear sir , plse check ur PayPal account
    I was sent money from my friend Irshad Hussian , today for logo animation.

  4. ভাই ভাই আপনার মিউজিক একটা ভিডিওর আগে যে মিউজিকটা তৈরি করছেন এটা কিভাবে কজন আমাকে একটু জানাবেন ক্যান অনলি

  5. Hey, if you are still trying to find the links, go to the link on my channel. I do offer the majority of these animations in my Fiverr gig. I hope this helps!

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