15 Signs of Fake Nice People Who You Need To Avoid

15 Signs of Fake Nice People Who You Need To Avoid

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Brainy Dose Presents: 15 Signs Of Fake Nice People Who You Need
To Avoid Trying to tell the difference between someone
who is genuinely nice and someone who is faking it, can be as confounding as trying to tell
the difference between a work of art and a well-made replica. That’s because some people are really good
at masking their true emotions! But, as good as they are, there are still
some clues that give away their phoniness – and knowing these can come in handy. Pay attention to the following signs of fake
nice people, so the next time you encounter someone like this, you can recognize their
façade. Number 1 – They Act Overexcited To See You Fake nice people act overly amped to see someone
– it’s a vibe, and you’ll be able to tell if that’s what they’re doing. Ever run into an acquaintance or friend who
you haven’t see in ages? – And then you embrace each other like you’re
the best of friends? Besides the usual “How have you been? I’ve missed you!” pleasantries, has the
conversation ever led to something along the lines of “Oh my god, let’s totally catch
up for drinks this weekend!” You know you won’t call, they know you won’t
call – but somehow since they put the message out there, they consider it a win and manage
to make you feel like crap for not spending time with them. Number 2 – It’s All About Them Fake people tend to make everything about
them. There’s no denying that there’s something
about them that makes them crave everyone’s approval. They brag loads, and exhibit a self-righteous
attitude. The moment you get that “it’s-all-about-me
vibe,” it is only a matter of time before you realize how fake they are. Number 3 – Their Body Language Puts You On
Edge You may not always pick up on someone’s
body language at first, but if you know where to look, you’ll surely recognize signs of
deception. Whether they look you up and down, give you
a half-hearted smile, or hold uncomfortably long eye contact to subtly control you – fake
people tend to give off their insincerity through their body language. Number 4 – They Seek Attention To Validate
Themselves If you encounter someone who is constantly
seeking attention or approval, it’s usually because they need confirmation that their
persona is liked by others. Whereas genuine people show up and show you
who they are, fake people need you to buy into the story they are telling. If you don’t pay attention to them, it makes
it clear that you aren’t buying their act – and this turns their world upside down. Number 5 – They’re Passive Aggressive Fake people are really good at speaking in
a passive-aggressive way – they always find a way to insult you with a compliment. They may even ask you backhanded questions
so that they can line themselves up to insult you. They may ask where you got an item of clothing
from, whether you’ve lost weight, or something similar. But, they don’t follow up with a sincere
compliment! Instead, they give you some comments that
just make you feel like crap. This will slowly reduce your self-confidence
– and you may not even realize that it’s happening. Number 6 – They Don’t Listen When You Talk A fake person will ask a question, but then
doesn’t bother to listen to the response. Oh sure, they pretend to listen – but they
are on their phones, updating statuses, or talking to someone else while they’re sitting
right in front of you. They often give inappropriate reactions because
they aren’t paying attention, or they move onto another question or topic altogether. You’ll also notice that a lot of the time
they aren’t able to recall things you’ve said. Number 7 – They Always Talk About The Misfortunes
Of Others Often, you can tell whether someone is fake
or genuine by the way they talk about other people. Fake nice people will constantly talk about
the misfortunes of others and pretend to be concerned about the person, when in fact they
actually enjoy feeling sorry for him or her. At first, it seems like they’re sympathetic
to others – which could make THEM seem nice. But if they do it often, you’ll start to notice
the deeper meaning behind it – they may actually enjoy discussing the crappy things others
are going through – which isn’t nice at all. And it also probably means they’re talking
about you in the same way to others. Number 8 – They Like To Show Off When someone is genuinely nice, they don’t
need to make a huge deal about it. They don’t even feel the need to point it
out! But when someone is being fake, they’re acting
this way because they want everyone to think they’re nice – and so they have to make sure
everyone knows. They do things like donate or volunteer for
charities, but then brag about it to everyone they meet. Or they make you a fancy birthday cake, but
can’t be bothered to know your favorite flavor or even remember that you’re allergic to nuts
– they just want the praise for making a pretty cake. Fake people are only nice if it makes them
look good or benefits them in some way – they want others to give them props for their behavior. Number 9 – They Exaggerate And Lie You repeatedly hear the same stories from
a fake person – although they don’t realize how often they repeat themselves. Eventually, you start to notice the inconsistencies,
and even flat-out lies – as they recount slightly different versions of the same self-promoting
stories. If you then start to verify their stories
or information, you’ll likely find that exaggerated or false self-praise is involved. Number 10 – They Constantly Interrupt While
You’re Talking It’s pretty easy to spot this behavior. If someone can’t be bothered to listen to
you until you’ve finished talking, they’re not really interesting in what you’re saying,
or talking with you – perhaps at you – but not with you. This kind of behavior is a dead giveaway that
you’re talking with an insincere person, regardless of how nice they may seem. Number 11 – They Belittle You Fake nice people often direct the conversation
so that they can talk about themselves. They will ask how your weekend was – so that
they can tell you how great their weekend was. They will ask if you’re going on holiday
– so they can talk about their holiday. Or, they will ask about your life, and find
ways to put you down. You get the point. Basically, their intention is to belittle
you, one way or another. Number 12 – They Pretend To Try To Please
Everyone Fake people are in a constant state of juggling
balls that they can’t possibly keep in the air. They will try to say yes to everyone – because
they can’t stand rejection, or the idea that they might not actually be able to do
everything they say they can. Instead, they promise things, say yes, and
then many people are left out in the cold when the promises go undelivered. Number 13 – They Are Never Around Or Available You call and call, but they never return your
calls. You show up, but they are busy. You run into them on the street, but they
are late for a meeting. They can’t come to your party because of
work. While this person constantly tells you they
can’t wait to see you again, there’s always some reason or another why he or she doesn’t
want to hang out with you. What’s up with that? It’s called being fake. Number 14 – They Respect Power A genuine person will be respectful to everyone,
because that’s how we should treat each other. A fake person will be nice and respectful
to you, but only if you have the power to get them what they want. If you have more experience at the job, they
will be nice to you so that they can get ahead. If you are the way in to a social circle,
they will be nice to you in order to be invited to join. The thing is, once they get what they want,
their niceness and respect will lessen or completely go away. They don’t actually care about you as a
person, they just want what you can offer. Number 15 – They’re Too Busy To Help Disappearing acts are common among fake people. They hang around when they get what they need
from you, but the minute you need something from them, they bail. Whether it’s a shoulder to cry on after
a breakup, or helping you pack and move apartments, you can never count on fake people to be there
when the going gets tough. They are not willing to take a minute out
of their own time to help someone in need. We are all self-interested to some degree,
but a person who is authentic is the same on the outside as they are on the inside. A fake person on the other hand, expresses
attitudes, behaviors, and thoughts that aren’t truly their own – just to make themselves
seem similar to the target they’re trying to influence. Keep an eye out for these kind of people,
and make room for more meaningful, genuine relationships in your life. We want to know what you think! Did watching this video make you realize that
someone you know is actually a phony? What was it that gave them away? Are there any other signs of fake nice people
that we missed? Let us know in the comments below! If you enjoyed this video, give it a thumbs
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100 thoughts on “15 Signs of Fake Nice People Who You Need To Avoid”

  1. This is me in so many points, but I’m sure I’m an honest people and not a fake one. I think I’m just socially awkward person and an introvert.

    For me, I’m not sure if this is a good way or not, but I recognise a fake person when they constantly make me confused … like what they say about who they are , is conflict with what they actually did. Something like that.

  2. I know you said that holding eye contact for a long time is something fake people do but I do that and it’s just my way telling the person talking to me that they have my complete attention

  3. Fake people don't walkways at nice to me fake people show their true colors and disrespect me and after that they don't talk to me

  4. "Over-excited to see someone" really set off alarm bells for me.  That point all by itself exposed certain people I know as being fakes.

  5. Talking nicely in front of a certain person, saying good things about them and telling negative things behind that person…the type of persons need to be avoided. #ihavemettheminmyworkplace

  6. people often see me as odd and they would be sometimes surprise when other people who knows me would acknowledge me as a joker (joker type)

  7. I grew up in Southern California and sadly this type of behaviour so common that it's basically normal to be this way, it makes me glad I don't live there anymore. And I know that this type of behaviour is common everywhere, but in California it's almost like the culture, especially when you get closer to La where everybody is a big believer in the concept of fake it till you make it

  8. I think Number 4 could be a genuine nice person. They're just insecure. I think when people are seeking approval, it's not to be fake. I think it could be a toxic person standing behind them, always putting them down.

  9. Where's the science behind this list? This doesn't sound like a list you guys researched and created yourselves, it sounds like examples from other lists that you poorly edited/reworded. Consider changing your channel name to Pseudo-Brainy Dose.

  10. theres this girl in my class and shes indian. My first impression of her was that she was nice and caring. But getting to know her more, i feel bad that she has to lie everytime and make up good things about her. She tells me that many people in my class hates me but none of them did. So long story short my lesson is to avoid those people and discover new people, dont be shy because there is a right person out there that will care about you. im from australia btw.

  11. I have a fake friend, she use's me for her work. She yells "I HATE YOU!!" at me when I do the most little thing wrong. A real friend would never say that, she wants me to edit some stuff for her, draw stuff, get stuff, and more. She never lets me do anything, she starts crying when she thinks I'm taking over her but really she's talking over me. She also trys to use me to get in my pool, she blames me for EVERYTHING.

  12. Fat people that can't get around are nice when the need something from the fridge. Otherwise, they're miserable.

  13. so these assholes are basically narcissistic and basically this video describes 95% of the asshole population of this piss poor planet ESPECIALLY wicked witch bitch worthless western societies. This is also how bitches are between ages 18 to 65 especially in worthless useless western sick societies. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

  14. Hello, mom. It's nice to know that I was right, and that you are fake. I am an empath and can feel people's emotions, but I can hardly ever feel anything from her. This explains everything.

  15. Sometimes people think I'm fake, but it's because I'm mentally ill. I've been confused by this for years. Now I clearly see that they are the fake ones.

  16. Yeah me and my twin sister had a fake “best friend” for 6 years and never realized till now. We aren’t friends with her anymore though

  17. Guys I need help….so I have 1 friends that I’m thinking I should give up….but then I might lose some of my other friends…I don’t know! 😰 So this friend is Sabrina,she calls me idiot and dumb. Even though she said she calls everyone idiot. I think it’s different with me because she says it in such a mean way. When I gave her a gift card that was suppose to be mine but I ended up not remembering my password,she didn’t really sound thankful. And she sounds happy everytime I lose in a game or when I bring up that I don’t have anything that she had. And she curses and talks about people behind their back.

  18. Thanks for these. I was able to remember a few people who aren't paying attention and always talks about the misfortunes of others. This served as a confirmation. 👍☺

  19. Don't be mad at others. We are victims of other victims. Stay positive even life is really…. So weird sometimes…

  20. I didn't realize I was fake untila student pointed it out and I didn't know what it meant so I went to look it up and I saw this video

  21. I know of 1 Fake Nice person Big Time & I'm very serious about this Obligation = Ben Evans ITF Taekwon – Do Instructor, Manager, 5th Dan in 'Napier – Hastings' Hawkes Bay region of New Zealand 🇳🇿🇳🇿🇳🇿 Jerk & Scum
    Reason why I think & say Any of that >>>

    Well one night When I were Working in this other different Taekwon-Do WT Club, on a Tuesday night in June 2019
    I were minding my own business helping out with their Tamariki's (children) =
    I didn't expect these guy's at all; I mean having another different Taekwon Club that is nearly 2 blocks away, most of them just wanted a run for FUN,
    but with Ben, Jodie, Rodney, & a few others had intensions to insult me then RUN back to their own DO JO's
    Seriously, now What sort of a Club that would take a run out to another different Taekwon-Do altogether with a few children & those with Disabilities

    Have Ben shouting abuse at me "Don't come back! Yah! Loser!" & have Several of his stupid Henchmen calling me "LOSER!" As this Jodie filipo was the very 1st to say it

    So seriously Who would want to put up with that? I just want to put out a point, who would hate this, Is there a War between the 2 different Taekwon-Do Style's that I don't know of ???

    Who would want to tolerate that sort of thing? Benjamins Behaviour is very off that Night & Very Wrong Now I'm not gonna say anything more from Here if any1 don't like this negative S***,
    don't read but if anyone has to this point, You must like reading = This is very True & it is not a LIE for what I had just shared, I'm sorry for sharing a very little bit of MY LIFE STORY

  22. Aye! Especially when you meet online, i just avoid online relations altogether except my bank , emails and shopping

  23. Im really fortunate after many many years i finally have real friends and family who are also nice but dont try to be perfect

  24. Oh geez….do I know some people like this!!! Especially the ones who talk badly about other people all the time – you just KNOW that they're talking about you the same exact way just as soon as you walk out the door!!!
    Ugh!! Such low life's!

  25. Unfortunately we're getting to the first generation of what's considered the flat screeners or whatever the hell they're going to call them. So this latest generation I know a teacher she teaches like six and seventh grade art and last year she said the kids who are absolutely out of control. They had young boys in their stalking about grabbing Woman by their cats and yelling back at the teacher it's okay because our President says that I hear my dad's and Mom say at the dinner table. Then we worry where the hearing is from directly from our commander in Chief's mouth. There has been all their presents to just as bad that have done stupid shit. Not taking a sides. kinda of showing some of the reasons why. A lot of parents when they're really young give a tablet to the child or flat screen phone the Chinese call that technology TVs ,phones ,tablets computers high-definition .All Digital heroin, we have now pretty much had 25 to 30 years of digital heroin. It's only going to continue to get worse at least in the immediate.I don't think there's a plan in place to deal with this coming problem we are going to have to deal with! Best advice I could give to new parents and parents becoming parents again .Don't give them the tablet, trying to make your kids play outside. Interact with them, try not to let your TV or your tablet become the babysitter ,I know how easy it is. That's just kind of some of the way ,I see it and if nobody does anything it's going to get worse. Here we keep getting more filed mouth presidents. Kids looked up the presidents emerging when you were a kid think back to that. We pledged allegiance to the flag , I hope we don't get back at any point where there's no morality or anything like that in the country at all. we cannot raise generations and generations generations of Bratz if we do that we're going to end up living on a planet like in Idiocracy if you notice in the movie

  26. Hey, ladies   –   it's good to know who the Fake nice guys are,  just so you can treat the Real nice guys like garbage.      Ain't i right ?  🙂

  27. Maybe you should call first before you show up uninvited at the "fake nice" people's houses (then maybe they won't be too "busy" to engage with you). Just sayin'

  28. Because of this, I actually was able to know that most of the times I was being like this, I was using opportunities to get people to praise me because I lobe praises though upon knowing this I a"so found the need to change and correct my attitude and I'm very thankful about it

  29. I can't help but be fake/nice to others that pay me no mind or worse! There is worse! Burgeoning relationships are tricky to navigate. Note to self. Trust and reveal slowly. I have left myself vulnerable to too many vultures! People exhaust me.

  30. I'm never fake nice
    I'm a pissed off bastard
    right from the git.
    You know I'm a dangerous
    hostile misanthrope right up front.
    Every time.

  31. I dont like fake People, IF someone look up and down you could be damn sure they want you to know it, I pretend to be stupid, but i can tell what there intentions are, i incouter these People a little now and then, i can look at them and tell what state there in. All of these fishy handshakes, is it so Hard to shake hand normallly. There might be People that think im fake, im not the one that shower People whith complements UNless i mean it, im not the one that feels pleasure watcing someone get humuliated, go throu difficoult Times, unless they have been mean to me first, i Wonder do People really think i cant se right throu them, its easy for me, i almost newer show it but its easy to se.

  32. I know a whole lot of people that are good at masking there true emotions. I sometimes work for different people. And some bosses can be fake nice people. No matter how hard you work for them. Your nothing to them. And don't forget some chotholics , some christians and some javohas witnesses. Some of these peoples are fake nice too. Everybody , watch out.

  33. When they are around a bunch of people they act like they like you. Then we they see you alone, they don't even speak.

  34. Too many fake people these days. This is why I prefer not to have friends. Where have all the good ones gone? Like the saying goes. Everyone is fake except for your Mom

  35. The worst traits I noticed in the same person was the need to sabotage my relationship, by flirting with my friend in front of me, and belittling me by doing a psychiatric analysis of me, saying I was always observing and analysing her, in front of me and my friend. It was very sad seeing this. There are many other fake people I have been around and ignoring them is the best way.

  36. I can't stand it when people are fake nice to you then go and stab you in the back .. I don't trust anybody really anymore.. when you're strong, confident and genuine these prats are threatened and go full psycho on you and play "mind games" … I have a narcissistic radar and can spot these evil people a mile away and they subconsciously know "I'm onto them"!!!

  37. Fact: Nobody watching this video is a saint. We've all made the mistakes described in this video. No sense in pointing fingers at people who've hurt you. The world is imperfect, and so are we. We just have to notice the signs, look out for them, and keep pushing.

  38. As I was reading I was trying to recognise the fake people,and indeed I have realised I hv fake people as relatives,friends n colleagues too. Very enlightening video. Thank you so much for this.

  39. An acquaintance I have never listens anything I'm telling her… she just tells me that my voice is so entertaining and relaxing… anyway, she doesn't listen to anything, so I just gave up, I'm not spending more time with this person anymore, she's always high with weed anyway, so… and she's always unavailable to even share a coffee.

  40. I want to have a real friends. In my school my classmates are hating me for nothing. I always tried to be friends and nice with them. But they never like me back

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