24 thoughts on “12 Principles of Animation (Official Full Series)”

  1. We watched this video in my Certificate III course when we did animation. It’s really well made and definitely helped us

  2. Wow I learnt so much ! It's very interesting and clear, I love it ! Every little animation illustrates so well what you mean, it's just perfect. I wil certainly use this to train and get better at animation.

  3. "He's looking at a girl that he likes with that sports car he's always wanted" "he's looking at that peanut butter on the kitchen shelf" being a bit specific Alan XD

  4. I’ve been studying this a ton! Thanks. You can see some of these new things in my animations on my channel now! If anyone wants to check it out, I’d appreciate the help.

  5. I have a question about timing: what if there are two moving objects in a frame: one is fast, the other one is slow. How may I convey it?

  6. 16:00 …he cannot belive how good it tastes… lol That is me every time I am hungry. 😋 lol 😂 But to stay on topic Thank You for this video it is very educational. 🙂

  7. Legit the most straight-forward analysis of anything on youtube. Never got lost in this vid and even if i did get lost it wouldnt matter because each feature was followed by at least 1-3 clear examples to understand the feature.

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