06 tips to control your negative thoughts & emotions. ( Soft skills by Skillopedia)

06 tips to control your negative thoughts & emotions. ( Soft skills by Skillopedia)

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Oh! Gosh I shouldn’t have said this to my
boss today. Why was I rude to my colleague at work? Do you also ask yourself these questions
sometimes? Do you have a tough time controlling your negative thoughts, because of which you
tend to get angry or feel jealous about things and that ends up in a real mess. If yes, then
stay with me. I’m Sonia and welcome to Skillopedia, the
place to learn skills for the real world. Well today friends, I’m going to take you
through a session on how you can control your negative thoughts because when you have negative
thoughts and they overpower you and you tend to come out with negative emotions which don’t
really help. Especially if you are a working professional it’s not really good to be negative.
So stay with me and I will take you through some amazing tips today. The first tip that I have for you, is to be
aware of your triggers. Now what do I mean by triggers, triggers are any situations or
sometimes things that people do which either irritate you or annoy you or make you very
angry. If for example you have a colleague at work who doesn’t always do what they promise
or who always comes late to work and you can’t really bear that kind of behavior so you feel
negative about this person and you get angry fast with them. What you can do is say for
example if you are working on a project with them, make sure that you have a backup plan
for yourself. So in case this colleague once again does the same thing, you know, doesn’t
keep their promise or doesn’t do a good job, instead of you feeling negative or getting
angry, if you already have a backup plan ready with you, you will not have any negative feelings
and you can go ahead with your work and take it smoothly. So remember, it’s important to
know what exactly irritates you or annoys you or makes you have any kind of negative
thoughts and make sure you are mentally prepared to take care of them. That will make things
very easy and make you a less negative person. My second tip for you, is to know your situation
well.What do I mean by this? Well sometimes, we just get angry or we feel negative by just
knowing one side of the story. For example, if you have a team mate at work who always
comes to work late on a daily basis. You have already made this negative impression about
the person and you always get angry with them, being their manager or may be their team mate
as well. But until you actually know what makes them late or what is the situation behind
them being late to work, till then you will never really be able to have the right emotion.
It’s important to know exactly what could be the reason. So here what you could do is,
sit down with the person and find out the reason why is that they come late to work
and then may be you will understand and then may be even find a solution. So it’s important
to know the reason behind why something is happening rather than just having a negative
thought or reacting negatively to any situation based on just what you see. It’s important
to know the real reason or the real situation behind something. My next tip for you is to write it down. Yes
it’s old school but it always helps. If you constantly have negative thoughts and you
can’t control your negative emotions you can simply pen them down in a personal diary or
a journal it’s actually very helpful. Imagine if you actually write down the couple of points
as to why and when you got angry and try and also find out the reason simultaneously you
will actually be able to do some self analysis and come to a conclusion to understand what
actually upsets you or annoys you the most. So it’s very helpful when you write down what
you feel or you write down your thoughts and try and do some kind of self analysis. Even
for example, if you have gotten angry with someone, on a particular day write that down
in your book and try and figure out the reason. If you feel that the reason was not valid
or it was a silly thing, a silly situation because of which you got angry. You can simply
decide to do something for that person, like may be take them for a coffee or go and have
a nice chat with them to mend your ways. So writing down your negative thoughts or writing
down the reasons why you felt negative is always a very helpful thing to do. My next point is speak up. Yes if you speak
up and actually tell the other person what you feel, it is the best thing to do, trust
me. Let me give you a situation, say for example there is someone at work, who always teases
you or cracks these silly jokes about you, while everyone is around and you don’t really
say anything much to that person but heart of hearts you actually hate those jokes and
you are building up these negative thoughts and negative emotions for that particular
person. But how will they know? One day you may just snap back at them and say, “hey you
know what I really hate you” and they would not even know why is it that you were so angry
with them because may be for that person,cracking these jokes is a very normal thing. So it’s
important to not keep your emotions inside of you but if something actually disturbs
you make sure that you speak up, confront the person in a nice way and tell them what
annoys you or what upsets you, that’s the best solution to take care of all of your
negative thoughts. My next tip for you is take sometime away.
Yes at times there are certain negative thoughts or certain things that people do, which you
just can’t tolerate, you know you just can’t find a way of getting a solution sometimes.
So in such a situation, a good thing to do is just to take sometime away just for yourself,
away from everything and everyone. Say for example, you are at work and there is this
situation which is really bothering you, may be your manager gave you some feedback which
you don’t really agree with and you are really angry at the moment but you can’t really show
them that anger right? What you could do here is just take a five minute coffee break or
watch a funny video. Take that time out, calm yourself down and then go and speak to your
manager. Let him or her know how exactly you feel. Now what you will do is, you will act
in a rational way and you won’t really be very negative when you speak because you will
be thinking before you say something to that person. So it’s extremely important to take
some time away for yourself at times, it really helps, trust me. My last and final point for you is to be patient.Well
yes, all of these tips that I have shared with you now, even if you practice them, they
won’t come to you naturally. Things may not change so fast. So be consistent in the things
that you do in order to manage your negative thoughts. If you have started writing down
your thoughts, take some time , give it a few days.If you have decided to speak up make
sure that you choose the right place, the right occasion to speak to that person who
has been disturbing you all this while. Be patient and I’m sure things will be better
for you. Negativity is not something that you should deal with for a long time. It’s
not something that you should run away from as well. If you have negative thoughts make
sure that you find a resolution, make sure that you do something so that you can turn
all of that negativity into something positive. Well this brings me to the end of today’s
session. I hope that you enjoyed watching the video and it is informative for you. Make
sure that you follow these tips that I have shared with you today, reduce the negativity
in your life because that is not really a good thing. Try to be a positive person and
you will always be successful. Well if you want to watch more of such videos make sure
that you subscribe to Skillopedia, the place to learn skills for the real world.

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  1. I must say today Skillopedia has enhance the quality of my life. Your slogan "Skillopedia, the place to learn skills for real World" you mean it.

    Personally, I can only say they that it is the place where you can enhance the quality of your life.

    Thank you Skillopedia

  2. skillopedia is really awesome, but it will be more effective if you
    put all the tips together in the end of the video.

  3. Thank you so much, teacher. I really like those advices and I'll put them in practice, especially about writing down it on a journal 🙂 and to know my triggers. See you, then.

  4. it's so helpful I wonder why only 495 likes? I am personally really impressed how sorted you come across 🙂 Best to u

  5. After trying a few other programs and not getting anywhere I stumbled upon your Destiny Tuning and – I like it! By following the first 3 weeks I regained the self discipline and daily routine (and decluttered my living space 🙂 Also I am listening frequently to a few of my favorite mp3's from your program [ Check Details Here== t.co/2x1hzlwVyP ]. Thank you, Heather, and God Bless!

  6. 1) Know your triggers

    2) Know your situation well

    3) Write it(thoughts /feelings) down in a journal

    4) Speak Up

    5) Take time away to react

    6) Be patient

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