👍 CÓMO descubrir tu TONO NATURAL DE VOZ ▶ (LO EXPLICO) y es MUUUY FÁCIL!!! #002

👍 CÓMO descubrir tu TONO NATURAL DE VOZ ▶ (LO EXPLICO) y es MUUUY FÁCIL!!! #002

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And I wonder…The same person with the same clothes, the same physical… The same position in a company, the same audience would it cause a different effect with another voice? I am very sure that yes.
The voice is paramount I will also give you in this video A VERY EFFECTIVE TECHNIQUE What can you do at home, easy … quickie To get a NATURAL VOICE and persuade. Convince much more! Let`s check it out! No doubt the voice plays a role
decisive when we want communicate, when we want to persuade,
convince, captivate or sell and so on. When we see a politician not really
we know if he is a good administrator, yes He is honest, if he is a good person. We trust on him and we usually vote him not guided by something other than your voice
and as he speaks to us we have no more information we don’t know how they are in their homes, their voices and how they talks to us. What does it transmit to us?. Of course the physicist, the
content, ideology also influence but his/her voice and the way he/her speaks to us
is decisive to get our vote. Your voice and how you speak is also
determinant in your professional life and staff we have the profession that
let’s have; some professions depend more than others of the voice but all, all
they depend on how we talk so much the profession as our personal life
as I say. For the job interview, to lead in a group, in a team,
for a meeting, for a presentation, to give a speech, to sell, to
get promoted, to flirt in our personal life, to convince,
to persuade, captivate wherever you are your voice is
determinant. By the way, watch the entrepreneurs who are listening to me and
seeing now I have many clients that They have been so aware of your app
successful or your entrepreneurial project that they have forgotten to prepare themselves
to promote your brand, your service, your product and have noticed when what
they have needed that it’s too late usually an interview a round of
financing and they tell me: “Javier, pal would have known this would have sold
my project, I would have spoken in the medias differently and possibly
I would have gotten more. Due to my activities I have followed scientific studies to
have my own conclusions in all these subjects. Universities like the
Rutgers University and the University of Pennsylvania and many publications in the
American Psychological Association me they have helped to have a clear path;
Of course, to help my clients in everything this. I am also an associate professor in
the Instituto de Empresa, a school of reputable businesses here in
Madrid in Spain and I have a great responsibility in front of that company,
of that institution and of my students and Of course from my clients.
As for how we should communicate today I am going to talk about the voice … Your voice.
When we communicate with our voice we are not realizing using a
lots of variables, if we control it and we use them very well we will be
some cracks I assure you! The breathing, the volume, the tone, the modulation, the
rhythm, pauses, intonation the addiction and cadence are the most
relevant at least physically what that we hear but, I always to all
this theory that we read I add that the emotion and mood too
greatly affect the effect of our voice and is that if you say something angry no
you convey the same as if he says it is glad if you say something in a game of
football doesn’t perceive people the same if you say it in an intimate dinner then
also the emotions of the moment the situation the environment is important to the
Time to use our voice. One of so many studies these that reviewed and
analyzed, has used 900 recordings and they have put volunteers to rate the
how persuasive each one of them was. How have they analyzed it?
Pay attention! As we can see, these people are treated by
lots of formulas, studies, with many people that involves a lot of work but I don’t
I bring here that I do not bring precisely the conclusions that is what
that interests us most of all these studies.
One of those conclusions says that recordings that have scored more
persuasive have been the ones that have made with more volume,
That is, if there is a direct relationship between the volume or power even and
persuasion that does not mean that we have to shout or speak very loudly
to persuade but if there is a certain threshold that we must surpass to be able to
persuade well. In fact the actors they try to always speak to the last row
of the theater to be able to impact for be able to convey emotions and that is
important the volume the power we have to work it but what is the
Main conclusion of these studies? that the voice, eye that the voice is part
very important persuasive process. So if we want to convince, persuade, sell, captivate, that people follow us to be the center of attention, like in a
job interview and get it! that since we want to lead, in the
groups of people where we are is very important that we know how to handle well
our voice. These studies have also concluded
something very good for me, that the deep voices are more persuasive than less deep or acute. It’s like that, in fact possibly, surely i will do
another video explaining this phenomenon that it is cultural and even anthropological but
that’s how it is reality and the deep voices we consider them more persuasive so
general although a voice may not be persuasive but it can be ideal for
other effects in fact the voice that we will hear next that some of you with a certain age who are listening to me and seeing you will recognize her not
is the best to give a political rally or for a noon informative or for
announcer of a perfume ad but it may be very good to get
transmit and have charisma, become viral and attract other people. Let`s check it out! This other voice that we will see now usually
be the one most used for perceive the other person as
credible and persuasive. I always talk about generic way of course there are nuances
and particular situations where this does not it is fulfilled depends on what person is, if famous, what story he has, that reputation has, well, a lot of things but speaking only of the voice and the way it is used to look at you
to this character or this actor who we will know everyone and that always meets
As a credibility role. Your papers they are from God in a movie, well …
You will really see. Go ahead! In the movies, the
advertising, narrators, informative and radio broadcasters both women and
men often use deep voices When you need above all as you see credibility,
to establish principles, generate authority, in terms of politicians, etc.
or managers persuade and convince. That is very studied then I’ll talk to you in
Other videos why this situation. Instead notice that the voices of
singers currently tend to be high The ones you like the most. A few decades ago
famous singers like Sinatra or Elvis they had serious voices
Currently we hardly see singers celebrities with those serious voices, the Strangers in the Night [Singing] Not today, it wouldn’t be precisely the most
heard on Youtube much less they are usually acute, acute and apparently
we think or we like voices more acute If you watch the programs these of
coaches singers talents they always usually hit the button when the
singer raises the tone and reaches the sky with the voice and the louder the
WOW! It’s awesome both in the coaches
as in the public right? those voices like that WOW! in the most culminating part of the
song. I will also talk about this in others videos because it’s studied and I have the
keys to precisely get that wow moment in our speech or in
our communication. But there is a reality, we have the voice we have, nature has given us this voice and with That we have to work. Usually
we all have a good voice and we have was destroying as the years
they go through bad praxis, for use it badly but we have the voice that
we have the one that nature has given us by the shape of our body, etc.
and really to convince and persuade we don’t need a serious or very serious voice
because you look at basketball there many players that are not so tall
they are usually good and even the best and they are not the highest of all
teams. It simply implies knowing how to use knowing
use the instrument. By the way, you can slightly change our natural tone
with work and a suitable guide for not spoil the instrument in fact
many politicians have done it to try to give the feeling of more
credibility and even authority. Even formerly good singers just
they sang well they had a good voice and that there are excellent famous singers
they record Eurovision and so on. Now the good singer not only has to sing well
In fact, many do not sing well. When we say good we say famous, viral,
successful, etc. But you have to have besides a voice, a good voice that captivates that doesn’t have to be “the good voice” you have to have a good show,
communicate well, have some social networks, have charisma, have
very viral contents, dazzle every time you go out in the media and that
phenomenon also occurs with our communicative skills. It is not
enough already have a proper voice and speak well it takes much more to
impact and persuade others. Of that goes this channel, that goes precisely
this channel and that’s why I want me follow. I will address this issue in many
videos because it is extremely important. One thing is to have the resources, to have
everything you have to have to get but another thing is to arrive and not all
arrive Very few arrive. The keys in this channel and I tell you not to know how to use
our voice can greatly affect our lives In fact the title of this video really! I have had clients who considered themselves very shy people and I commented that they had lost many
opportunities in life for thinking that they were shy or not knowing how to stand out
about others and important moments, a meeting, that opinion that you had to
give at that time and by shyness or by you didn’t give it up and you lost the
opportunity to achieve that goal that you had but I really assure you
after working with them I have noticed with these people, with these
clients that were not shy people what they had was insecurity for their voice
for not knowing how to handle it correctly by don’t speak in a persuasive way and they
led to think that they were shy and they resigned themselves to that. That really is in the work meetings, in the job interviews, in situations
where they have to speak in public what they were going really badly and they didn’t get so
As far as they wanted. It’s like that and a few coaching sessions, with me if it is
possible, change with them for example, It has been brutal, brutal. Now not only no
when it comes to speaking and speaking in public and to say their opinions but
enjoy it, enjoy it, what enjoy and it shows that communicates and
It gives them a self-assurance spectacular. Another thing is charisma, that
magnet that some people have of that I’ll talk in other videos because it depends
of these but many other variables Follow me. As for the voice and the way
of speaking not everyone has access to a coach, to a good coach but you can
start at home and for that I am here that is one of the keys to this
video I’m going to give you a technique infallible for you to get your voice
natural and you really start from a good way to persuade people
with your voice. This very simple and very fast technique
it will help you to get your tone natural that your instrument
nature has given you an instrument because the ideal tone of that instrument
you will discover today, right now and with that voice you will sound better, you will captivate more, you
it will be more comfortable you won’t have to force you even hoarse at
time to talk a lot because it’s in your natural space in terms of tone.
There are people who want to imitate others or give a sense of authority
speaking loudly force your voice especially down and what they achieve
is to remove credibility and authenticity These ads from people like that [Changing the voice]
it sounds fake it sounds really fake and That credibility very little. We are going to
get our voice and with that voice the we work and we will do the best
some cracks Our voice, the sound has an instrument that is our body
throat, tongue, resonance spaces, et cetera that makes us have a sound
unique and natural the problem is that a lot people don’t know what the natural sound is
and by custom all our lives we have talked nor have we talked and that’s it
learned or not. Babies talk in their tone and can cry hours and hours and not
They are hoarse. The babies, we do because over the years we have gone
badly accustoming our voice and using the one in an incorrect way. It’s like the violin, the viola, cello and the double bass, the strings of an orchestra
if we want to play a serious note of double bass with a violin we would have it
have to definely lower the tuning and they are also area without
poor harmonics even unpleasant a violin playing such a serious note if it’s
that comes to sound would be one thing horrifying because that happens with the voices
when we try to change it a lot of what is the natural scope of that
natural soundboard. To be persuasive we have to use that voice, that
natural voice and if we are above all anxious, nervous because we are giving
a speech to many people or a important job interview or
ahead of the media even worse because that nervousness causes the muscles to
contract and the voice is not natural then we project something else
different we don’t project security, tranquility, credibility Go for it,
go for it. This technique have it in secret because it is infallible and super
simple the truth is that it doesn’t have so much history. Put your fingertip on
example this index on the lips but without pressure on the tip then
“mmmmm” beam but in several tones try to think that
the “mmmm” is here not here, nor here, here That when we think it seems a lie but
physically it also happens and we will go Changing the tone “mmmm” … “mmmm” … “mmmm” … “mmmm” … “mmmm” We will feel in the fingertip vibration
but a vibration that when the tone that we are changing the vibration is
major or minor major or minor in tone where it vibrates more always very subtle in
touch don’t squeeze because then no vibrate in the tone where it vibrates more
we need more vibration on the finger that tone is usually the natural one, the one that most
resonates within all our cavities with our language, our
throat, our vocal cords, etc. Do it not just awake
but already when the voice is a little hot to be the one we use
naturally day by day then if this tone is not with which
you speak normally then you just discover that in life you didn’t use
the right tone, the natural tone of your body then is the best moment of
begin to relearn and re-educate the brain and body to start
speak in our tone and play a violin in its natural tone the best melodies. Of course this is not a definitive test or super
scientific but it’s a very simple thing that can serve us at home to determine
if we are using the correct tone or not. It is a good reference. Forever
I recommend if it is possible to have the help of a coach, a good coach who
will allow to be precise and correct it as soon as possible. Remember that with many
years speaking incorrectly that we already have it written fire on it
brain and we do it automatically without To think about it, you have to re-educate, re-educate to speak again where we always should to have spoken, in our natural tone. Y
I don’t want to finish this video without leave you another contribution of mine this is no longer
based on studies but on my experience with many clients that I have
I really had the pleasure of serving and to help managers, athletes,
politicians, entrepreneurs, professionals all kinds and I am very clear
but very clear that we can be some megacracks in all variables
previous voice of intensity of pronunciation etc. but even
have the best advisors, coaches but, always that but. If we are not authentic I repeat if we are not authentic They won’t believe us. We will not generate
trust and therefore we cannot we can persuade attract or convince
authentic that’s the key to the success of now on when communicating
in fact, every time we citizens believe Less in politicians. Is that
credibility authenticity and politics they seem a little fought but not all
because I have political clients and they yes they are very good that they are seeing me
Now, they are perfect. But no, now in seriously is important is very important the
authenticity to create credibility. Listen, that being natural, being authentic
should, should be very easy because it is be ourselves but know where the
environments where we have been society itself sometimes leads us to impose, to
make us be what we really are not and you have to
unlearn all that and relearn again to be ourselves so easy
and as simple as that. Yes, really you are authentic and you also handle the
techniques that we will see in many videos is that no one is for you, no
it stops you. I am Javier Galué coach, lecturer and teacher in
Universities and business schools. I help my clients to communicate about
effective way in a conversation and in large audiences in the media of
communication. Remember that when you you communicate well you will have a security and
unstoppable self-confidence and you won’t mind doing it before a person or
before 10,000 it will not matter in fact what you will enjoy The idea to know how to communicate,
convince, persuade and captivate the people to really get your
objectives. Follow me on my YouTube channel if you are watching me from youtube for
please give the bell [Sound bell] so that Know when I post the following video.
You will really like the videos but most importantly they will be very
useful you will remember me. Surely. I’m counting on you, count on me.

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